Why do STEM at Home?

Do you love to see your child’s curiosity at play? 


Have you witnessed an AHA! moment lately?


Do you want to give your child a strong foundation that prepares them with the most needed skills in the coming decades? 


Igniting a passion for STEM learning today will help to develop thinkers that are ready for tomorrow! Newton’s Road partners with parents, mentors, educators and businesses across Northwest Lower Michigan to spark curiosity, connect every student to meaningful STEM experiences and support STEM-ready futures. 

STEM learning opportunities engage children in science, technology, engineering and math in ways that encourage learning through hands-on problem solving, creativity, inquiry skills, critical thinking and collaboration. The very skills and qualities that organizations of all kinds crave today! The graphic on the right demonstrates how at home encouragement can magnify your child's interest.

STEM career exploration opens eyes and minds to exciting careers your child (or you!) may not even be aware of!

Newton’s Road serves as a guide to ensure parents and educators have high-quality choices for young minds to explore in our community and beyond. 

Check out these resources we have curated for families to do together: 


  • STEM Finder: Searchable hub with local and online STEM learning and career exploration opportunities.

  • At Home Activities: Use every day materials to create AHA! moments, build skills and increase understanding.

  • Career Investigator for Northwest Michigan: Explore STEM-related careers and learning pathways available close to home.

  • Columns and Articles: Our Executive Director shares seasonal activities in her Families First Monthly column and articles with a deeper dive into learning and STEM education.

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Together, we can prepare our youth to live in a world that is dramatically changing-how we work, communicate and operate in a global space—and the jobs of the future are evolving. With our intentional support, they will be ready!


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