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What the Community is Saying

Coral C., 5th Grader "From the moment I heard about [the STEM Kits] I wanted to go check one out for me and my brother. They looked hard but once you start working on them your brain started working and you could really finish them and they were fun."
Evelyn P., Central High School TechGirl "As a high school senior interested in the medical field, the career investigator was incredibly helpful. I discovered careers that I didn't even know existed, and was able to find ones that are flourishing in Northern Michigan specifically!"
Heidi Skodack, TCAPS Director of School Improvement - STEM & CTE, NR Board Member “In the past year and half, Newton’s Road has made so much progress with reach and visibility in our community.”
Krista Goldman, Director of Mentoring, Big Brothers Big Sisters “I am blown away by Newton Road's Career Investigative Platform. It is a fabulous, thorough, engaging tool that I am so excited to share with our Bigs and Littles. Thank you for including us in its use. We will link to the site via our web page dedicated to Bigs, as well as utilize it on a regular basis in our match support and resources communications.”
Rose Zivkovich, Homeschool Parent "Newton's Road is an incredible resource for our community here in Northern Michigan! They have led and supported many quality STEM events; they are a key partner in developing connections between students in our region and STEM related businesses and resources; they have developed a robust website that brings together families, businesses, and organizations with shared interests; and they have taken the lead on connecting local STEM/Maker organizations to really capitalize on collaborative brainstorming and cooperation. Thank you Newton's Road for all of your hard work building up our community!"