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The Newton's Road has a STEM column in the Families First Monthly, a Northwest Michigan magazine now published online. Links to these and other Newton's Road articles are listed below. Use the Archive link to access older articles. 

Important Read! How We Learn
February 5, 2021
February - March Families First Article

Having a problem-solver mindset and the persistence to follow through on ideas is something just about every employer desires to hire. STEM-focused industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, technology, trade, etc. required a skilled workforce and are having challenges filling these types of positions, both locally and nationally. Why? One significant reason is that problem-based learning is not yet available from an early age for all students. 

Creative Problem Solvers 

December 3, 2020
December - January Families First Column

Even though my own daughter is halfway through her first year of "adulting", the lives of my friends and colleagues provide a window into the daily ups and downs of parenting school-aged children during a pandemic. Here are a few ideas and approaches they found helpful, and some resources you might not be aware of!

Curious Times

December 2, 2020
December - January New at TADL Article
By Heather Brady

The Traverse Area District Library (TADL) has a new Student Success portal and a $14,000 joint grant with Newton's Road from the Institute of Museum and Library Service (IMLS) to increase the number of STEM kits available for hands-on learning at home. This grant will provide 200+ additional new STEM kits to students throughout the 5-county region via their local library. 

A New Doorway to Student Success 

October 5, 2020
October - November Families First Column

Building on last month's theme, Erosion,  try going on a hole hunt this Fall. Our Executive Director, Barb Termaat explains how holes can be made naturally, and how to find them! 

Go on a Hole Hunt!

August 1, 2020
August-September Families First Column

The volleyball net location on Memorial Beach in Elk Rapids is now 20 feet offshore. Bridges are closed, rock walls are being built and houses have fallen into Great Lakes. What is happening?! Erosion! 

Erosion Rocks Our World!  

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