Newton's Road Articles

Newton's Road has a column in Families First Monthly, a newsprint magazine available in over 400 locations in Northern Lower Michigan. Links to these and other Newton's Road articles are listed below. Use the Archive link to access older articles. 

June 1, 2020
June-July Families First Column

What a great time of year to explore the forests around our beautiful region! Discover some ways to help make a forest walk into a learning adventure with kids of different ages. 

Forest Walk Activities

April 3, 2020
April-May Families First Column

Get tips from Newton's Road executive director Barb Termaat and seasoned homeschool parent Rose Zivkovich on engaging your students and developing learning habits at home.

August 1, 2019
Aug-Sep Families First Article

In this article, you will find ideas on how to help your kids reach their full learning potential. How do we effectively apply our natural ability to learn in a school or work environment?