At Home Activities

We found quality science and STEM lessons that you can do at home anytime, so you don't have to do the research--just dive in! We provide links to different activities with instructions and material lists (common household items) for a new hands-on (screen-free) activity that you can do anytime! You can also go to our YouTube page and check out the interactive STEM at Home videos that show interactive experiments, projects and more!


TGR Foundation: A Tiger Wood Charity 

Through their award-winning STEM curricula, college-access programs, digital platforms and educator professional development, the TGR Foundation offers underrepresented students in grades 6th through 12th, the resources and support needed to thrive in school and beyond.

Build and Alphabet Block 

Move the Ping Pong Ball 

Design a Trampoline 

Flotation Device

Miniature Amusement Park 

Spin a Marshmallow 



STEAM Powered Family 

STEAM Powered Family started in July 2015 as a way for the founder, Shelly to continue with her passion for writing, science and children’s mental health. Shelley's site offers creative STEAM activities and resources for students in elementary and middle school. Shelly says, "We have some of the most innovative, creative and outstanding people in the world connecting through this site and it has been such a privilege to witness the dedication to our future generations". 

Christmas Chemistry Experiment

Glow in the Dark Projects 

Craft Stick Launchers

Out of This World Space Activities 



Learn in Color 

Learn in Color is an online educational platform  for elementary aged students, where parents and teachers can find creative and engaging learning materials to teach children topics in history, math, science, geography, and language arts.

Math Scavenger Hunt for Elementary Students  

How to Memorize the Periodic Table of Elements 

7 Secret Spy Codes for Kids 



Go Science Kids

Originally created to promote young girls to experiment and get involved with science,  Go Science Kids is a website that offers various science activities broken down by age and activity! Go Science Kids offers activities for ages ranging from 1-2 year olds to 12 -13 year olds. 

Finding North, a fun hiking game for kids 

How to Make the Best Crystal Snowflakes 

Magnetic Marble Run for the Fridge Door 



For more STEM Activities for elementary and middle schoolers, check out these websites!





Little Bins for Little Hands