STEM Kits give all families, youth leaders and teachers free access to quality play-based activities designed to ignite the natural curiosity of children and grow their creative problem-solving abilities.

Each kit contains a unique activity and teaches a different STEM skill. There are kits available for all ages and abilities from pre-k to young adult.

Newton’s Road, in partnership with the Traverse Area District Library (TADL) is working to ensure that all 20 libraries in our region have STEM Kits to lend (at no charge) to all library patrons.

Currently STEM Kits are available to check out from the following libraries:

  • Traverse Area District Library, Main Branch - 125+ kits 
  • East Bay Branch Library- 20+ kits
  • Kingsley Branch Library - 20+ Kits 
  • Elk Rapids Public Library - 20+ Kits 

*TADL STEM Kits are available through the  interlibrary loan system to all TADL affiliated libraries

**Stay tuned as we will be adding STEM kits to more libraries as quickly as we can! If you would like to help us bring STEM kits to your local library, please email or call our main number to speak to our staff.

Examples of STEM Kit Activities

Snap Circuits Jr. - age 8+ Build 100+ electronics circuit projects 

Blocks & Marbles - age 5+ Create 100s of unique constructions

KEVA Contraptions 200 planks - ages 7+ Hands-on experience with balance, leverage, geometry and physics

Qwirkle - ages 6+ Many family games across ages using 36 colorful wooden tiles to build tactical & strategic thinking skills 

Ozobot Bit - ages 6+ Simple to advanced coding using patterns made with colored markers

Zoomy 2.0 - ages 4+ Egg-shaped microscope magnifies anything 54x on a computer screen

Botley - ages 5+ Learn to code with screen-free play

Little Bits Coding Kit - ages 8+ Magnetic “Bits” snap together to turn ideas into inventions

Snapino - ages 12+ Introduction to the open source Arduino hardware- software coding environment

Rock, Mineral and Fossil Collection - ages 3+ Find, sort & identify over 250 colorful specimens using identification book and sheet

Makey Makey - ages 8+ Connect everyday objects like bananas to your computer! Mac/PC/Chromebook

Squishy Human Body - ages 8+ Discover how the human body works with realistic model

Q*bitz Game  - ages 8+ Stimulates spatial reasoning & memory skills, 2-4 players

Q*bitz Jr.  - ages 3-8 Pattern matching, spatial reasoning; 1-4 players

Arckit Mini Modern  - ages 10+ Build your own contemporary designer home

Staxis  - ages 6+ Fun way to learn planning, calculated risk-taking, hand-to-eye coordination & spacial awareness.

Pattern Play  - ages 3+ Introduce patterns and spatial & geometric concepts

Dive into Shapes  - ages 3+ Gain a deeper understanding of geometry basics using colorful shape building set

Square Up - age 6+ 2-player visual thinking game that strengthens logic, focus and problem-solving skills

Robot Turtles- age 4+ Board game that teaches basic programming principles

Tumble Trax Marble Run  - ages 5+ Children create daredevil designs with magnetic foam tracks and send plastic marbles through their course