Articles and Research

About STEM Education

STEM Starts Earlier Than You Think
-Starting STEM education at an early age.

Sian Beilock Lightning Talk
-Video about how teacher and parent math anxiety impacts student success in STEM.

Getting Smart: Ensuring Readiness for All Through Math Literacy
-This article talks about the Algebra Project, the goal of the project is to ensure access to math support and preparation for minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged students.

5 Ways Technology Can Help Students Develop a Strong Moral Compass
- "A new innovation lab is helping students learn to redefine problems and test the ways in which they can benefit the world."

How Sustainable School Gardening Enhances STEM Education
- Graduate student research finding how school gardening enhances STEM education efforts.

State and National STEM-related Education Standards

Michigan K-12 Computer Science Standards
-Published May 2019, by Michigan Department of Education.

Next Generation Science Standards
- National science standards.

NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework
- National cybersecurity skills framework.

Charting a Course For Success: Americas Strategy For STEM Education
- A report published Dec. 2018, by the Committee On STEM Education of the National  Science & Technology Council.  This report outlines the vision, current state, and goals of American STEM education.

Report Cards on Education Progress

National Assessment of Education Progress
-NAEP is also known as the nations report card and is a continuous assessment of what America's students know and can do in various subjects. 

The latest ranking of top countries in math, reading, and science is out — and the US didn't crack the top 10
- PISA results, the PISA exam is an international exam of 15-year-olds taken every three years. 

Michigan statewide 2018 math, science and reading assessment results
-M-STEP and SAT results by school and district.

Future Workforce Outlook

Robots and Millennials: Joining Forces To Change The Future of Work
- An article in Forbes looking into the future workforce of robots and humans.

Skill Shift Automation and the Future of the Workforce 
- A discussion paper published by Mckinsey Global Institute, in May 2018, discussing the future of automation and the demanded workforce skills shift. 

Upskilling and Downsizing in American Manufacturing
-Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce outlines the new and present trends in American Manufacturing, and what that looks like for the workforce.

Background On Regional Manufacturing
- Data by the Grand Traverse Area Manufacturing Council showing the impact manufacturing has in the five counties of Benzie, Antrim, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, and Leelanau.