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What is the Career Investigator for Northwest Michigan?

The Career Investigator for Northwest Michigan is an engaging regional hub for youth to explore STEM-related careers in northwest Michigan solo or with their parents and mentors (including teachers, counselors and others). Newton's Road Northwest is collaborating with local businesses, educators, workforce development and economic development organizations to more easily make this valuable--but often hard to find--information available to all youth in our region. The site is designed with input from 8th-12th graders on what they want to know about local careers--though many adults say it's useful for them, too!

We showcase careers in Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Trades and Construction, Water Land and Air, and STEM & Business, which together employ the most people in our region. More careers and career families will continue to be added. Rotary Charities was the primary funder of the pilot version and the current version 2.0. Matching funds and support has come from several local companies and Northwestern Michigan College. Our design even won the Sept 2021 TCNewTech Pitch competition!

Why is the Career Investigator Important to my Company?

According to STEM in the Great Lakes Bay Region:

  • 71% of employers reported having difficulty hiring for a STEM job within the last 12 months
  • STEM skills are required for a wide range of in-demand occupations
  • 76% of employers reported that for their most in-demand positions, trained talent is difficult to find
  • Developing a talent pipeline can reduce your time spent recruiting, which increases profits

The Career Investigator for Northwest Michigan aims to increase the number of regional high school graduates hired to local STEM-related Hot Jobs (jobs that are in high demand and have a path to a family-sustaining salary). These graduates have a better chance of ending up at your company if you connect with them early on in their career exploration process. The Career Investigator offers you the opportunity to reach future STEM talent in the 5-county area, provide them an opportunity to experience what your company does, and even connect you with internships for your programs. 

How Does my Company Get Involved?

We've partnered with some great companies in Northern Michigan and yours can be next! It takes less than 30 minutes to create a student-friendly Employer Profile for your company dynamically linked to the STEM-related careers you hire! Fill out the Michigan Work/Newton's Road Survey or email  to get started.