Business and STEM

In our region, Michigan and across the globe we are living, learning, and working in the midst of a digital transformation that is dramatically changing how industries, organizations, and people across the globe operate and engage.


Because new types and ways of doing business are happening even more rapidly due to the global pandemic, the jobs of the future are evolving faster than ever. Everyone will need a strong foundation in STEM skills whatever field they choose to work in because every company is becoming a technology company. 

This is why we believe facilitating experiences that incorporate STEM elements and creative thinking in structured and unstructured ways are important starting from a young age. 

According to STEM in the Great Lakes Bay Region:

  • 83% of HR professionals reported difficulty hiring for a STEM job within the last year.

  • STEM skills are required for a wide range of in-demand occupations.

  • The gap is evident in trades, middle-skilled, and highly skilled STEM positions.

  • Developing a talent pipeline can reduce recruiting and training time, thus increasing profit.

Newton's Road is actively working with our region's businesses, schools, economic and workforce development organizations to more meaningfully inform our youth and their families about the stable, long-term career opportunities available for young adults armed with STEM-related skills in our region.

One significant result is the Career Investigator for Northwest Michigan, an online platform that helps students explore STEM-related careers that are in high demand in our regions as well as local programs (Local Advantage Pathways) to attain them in less time and cost. It also highlights local businesses interested in supporting youth with internships, summer jobs, and potentially longer-term career opportunities. 

We continue to work with employers and education and training providers like you to add more career families and careers. We can complete your company profile in less than an hour--a way to directly engage with students and parents about your organization's mission, workforce needs and ways you support students with internal training programs, internships, apprenticeships, job shadows, etc.

In addition, we actively support and build on existing Career Exploration programs such as: 

  • Sponsor a Career Exploring Club. Middle and high school students interested in exploring career opportunities in a high demand STEM field meet locally for onsite visits to businesses and post-secondary educational organizations to build awareness, spark curiosity and engage in hands-on experiences. (on hold due to COVID-19) 

  • Help plan and sponsor local  student focused events such as MiCareerQuest Northwest and Manufacturing Day.

  • Match business volunteers to classroom career visit opportunities, which is critical to success as shown in the pyramid below:

Interested? Please consider the next steps:
  • Volunteer by working directly with youth at events, clubs, class visits and more.

  • Sponsor to sustain and expand the Career Investigator for Northwest Michigan.

  • Share your ideas: